KFN Talks

The Backdrop

This millennium dawned a new age of technology, which brought the world closer together and literally eliminated the six degrees of separation. While globalization has certainly given a thrust to the economies worldwide and urbanization by large, it has done little for the majority at the grassroots.

Necessity is the mother of innovation. While necessity is driven by culture, culture itself is a progression of the indigenous philosophy. With better technologies and interconnectedness, the richer economies end up marketing their culture better. Even as the foreign cultures are adopted, people are getting more disconnected from the local philosophies. Which on one level is all right but on another level, leaves a large majority, disconnected, unsatisfied and directionless.


The Kautilya Fellows are bright youth with a global outlook, critical thought process and firm understanding of the roots where they have come from. These fellows are across geographies, resonate with the aboriginal philosophy and keen to create value based on such.

Various chapters across cities, towns, villages, universities etc. will hold KFN (Kautilya Fellowship Network) Talk sessions that will educate the unaware and underprivileged on value creation, entrepreneurship and innovation that has more local relevance and global possibilities.

The format of these talks is extremely simple, yet hard-hitting and powerful.

  • Venue: A centrally located auditorium or amphitheater with a stage
  • Seating Capacity: Minimum of 300 seats
  • Guests Expected (By invitation only): 200-300
  • Talk Duration: 20 minutes per speaker
  • Number of Speakers: 5 – 8 at most
  • Speakers: Indian Scientists, Western Scientists, Thinkers, Philosophers, Local / State Businessmen, Sports persons, Spiritualists
  • Performance: Performance by a local artist, Fashion Show to promote indigenous styles. Focus on elegance, suavity and fitness of role models.
  • Logistics: Lighting on the stage, KFN Banner, KFN signage on the stage, Sound System (Mikes etc.),Video recording, Photographers


The talks and the performances that are recorded at the local level will then be uploaded on KFN central servers. The 10-20 minute videos will be easily accessible by geography, genres, subjects, types etc. Unlike the global platforms, this will also have talks in local languages and dialect, with appropriate subtitles and/or translations. The idea is to showcase the local talents. Unless we sell what we produce, we will always remain followers. Until we are followers, we certainly can’t be leaders. America produces nothing, yet sells everything. India produces everything and yet sells nothing. This is an unprecedented attempt at branding and showcasing the true entrepreneurial potential, at a global scale.

Local Hub & Sponsoring Institute

The local hub and Kautilyans hone their critical thinking and ability to see opportunities where none existed before. This would also be certainly in line with the government’s agenda and betterment of the society.  The sponsoring institute, get to showcase themselves globally as well as locally.


 Will be done by the team in Delhi NCR. Pre and post talks. The talks recorded, will be edited and uploaded and then promoted extensively for the populace to benefit Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)


Types: Media Partners, Travel Partners, Beverages Partners, Venue Sponsors, Souvenir Sponsors Benefit to sponsors: Visibility in universities across the country. Promotion on Social Media of the two-minutes video nuggets, to promote the page and the initiative. Access to youth. Visibility to Indian Council for Cultural Relations, MEA-GOI.        

Want to become a sponsor? Stay tuned!

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